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Structure your payments with asset finance
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Structured Payments

Structured Payments or sometimes called 'seasonal payments' is a way of funding through HP or Lease where your specific and detailed cash flow requirements are listened to and the payment periods and amounts are tailored to meet them.

You may have large annual hikes in your cashflow and want the payments to come out when you have most cash, so annual payments at a specific time. Maybe you require a payment holiday at the beginning or during the quiet winter months every year. Maybe you have a specific amount of cash available every year and want to pay that off the asset annually in addition to the monthly payments. Anything is possible.

Unlike other monthly repayment forms of finance, structured payments are designed specifically for you.  With repayments being when YOU want them not the other way round!

Some of the benefits of using Structured Payments are:

  • Matches CashflowPayments are structured to come out when money is available.
  • Lower InterestHelp with timing of payments can reduce interest costs.
  • Low Payments Make lump sum payments reduces the monthly amount.

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