Established in 2005, we have already brokered over £400 million to over 8,000 local businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk. Credo Asset Finance are the premier trusted Business and Personal Asset Finance specialists based in Norwich. If you’re looking to purchase but need finance, we can help. Get in touch today.


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The Mercedes-Benz S Class has some of the most impressive technology you'll see in any car. The S Class was crowned 2016 luxury car of the year, and also collected the best luxury car of the year in the Carwow 2021 car of the year awards, so it certainly impresses!
Many drivers’ next car with be powered purely by electricity so now is the time to start getting your head round making the switch. Ian Robertson, editor and publisher of Diesel Car and Eco Car, said: “Most electric vehicle experts think switching to an EV is a five-year purchase plan
Its not only the team in yellow and green that have gone from strength to strength this year - the fan channel run by two of their most fervent supporters is now most definitely in the Premier League! Back in 2015, Credo's founder Simon Gray, who passed away late last
Durrant Diving & Engineering Services, based in Great Yarmouth have a highly experienced operational workforce including Diving engineers, Operations staff, Logistics, and Marine engineers who together undertake a vast variety of marine work scopes. They are currently working on under water wall repairs in Woolwich and have recently completed jobs
Credo Asset Finance Ltd have been helped to expand their business with a small grant from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership; if you are small-established business based in Norfolk or Suffolk you may also qualify for a grant. The grants are a maximum of 20% of the cost with grants ranging from £1k up to a maximum of £500k. For more information on if you qualify call Margaret Oakley Growth Hub on 0300 333 6536