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31st March, 2017

A First Hand Diary Experience.

Recently an employee of mine decided he wanted a new car and he would like to take out finance with Credo, this was the first time he has ever taken out finance for anything so I asked him if he could do a first hand diary experience to see where we could improve but also so Credo could get an even better understanding from the customer. Here is his diary…

Even though work in finance I’ve never been on the receiving end of a finance deal myself. But the time had come for me to get a car, I had been looking at cars for a while and I thought I knew what I wanted. I went straight to one of my colleagues and asked them where I should start. They suggested that I start thinking about what kind of finance product I would like to take out, whether it is a Hire Purchase or a Personal Contract Plan, and also what my budget would be to spend each month. After a few evenings I decided that I knew exactly what I wanted. My colleagues then proceeded to get as much information form me as possible, as this would speed up the process and make it easier to find me the best price possible. After they had taken my information they set me up with some proposals, this would show me how much I would be spending each month and over how long a period. Once I decided how much I could afford each month they had found the right lender and had some quotes for me to decide on, it was at the best possible rate for me so I knew I was getting a good deal. I agreed finance with Credo and agreed on a price with the car dealer. All I had to do now was to wait for the balance to be paid out and go and collect my car!

I had gone from knowing nothing or very little about all the different options available in asset finance to having a good understanding of how easy it can be to obtain finance if you go to the right people!

Even though this is a little simplified and there are a few more steps, it still can be as easy as this! At Credo we want finance to be this easy for every customer, and combined with our fantastic customer service we are confident that we can get you the best deal possible and make the whole process easy at the same time!

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